two womenIt can be difficult deciding when and how to get rid of long time personal belongings, family possessions and antiques that no longer are needed or wanted. Sometime during our lifetime, most of us either have been or will be faced with decisions regarding getting rid of “stuff” in our family. I have been through this process in my family and understand how emotionally tiring and frustrating this time can be for all involved. Perhaps my business could assist in handling this process for you.

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I am a Clarksville based business specializing in estate sales, tag sales, and moving sales in the Clarksville area. I became interested in this business several years ago when a couple of close friends were moving and downsizing. They asked me to do their sale. I love working with people and selling their household possessions to let new owners enjoy them! I strive to manage every sale in a personal and professional manner to ensure that your loved one’s possessions are treated with care and respect.

Once decisions are made about what to keep because one needs it or loves it, or just wants to keep it in the family, consider talking with me about minimizing your stress and maximizing your returns on the rest of the household possessions.